Field of Dreams

A huge “thank you” to the alert husband of an alert blog reader. He captured the following homophone fiasco outside Veterans Memorial Stadium in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. This is the home of the minor league baseball team, the Cedar Rapids Kernels. It looks like they have a lot to be proud of, out there in eastern Iowa. Field of Dreams, indeed.

Except when it comes to spelling.

This is funny on so many levels. I will resist the urge to over-explain.

Suffice to say that the needed word is berth not birth. Defining Wild Card, however, is a much more complex undertaking because it has different meanings depending on the sport. I think it means they secured a spot in the playoffs, but only because they had a better record than the other teams who didn’t get there during competition during the regular season. That’s a dubious distinction in my book. Why they would include it, with a misspelled word, on an otherwise stellar placard, is beyond me.


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