Fun Word of the Day

I was reminded today of a word that I love, but I don’t get to use as much as I would like: susurration. This is a great word because, unlike ersatz, it sounds like what it means: a soft murmur or a whisper. If your house happens to be haunted, the ghostly susurrations may make the hairs on your arm stand up from time to time! I love this word.

What made me think of it? I’m house-hunting, and I’m finding that a lot of houses in the area I’m looking have optional lake club privileges. There are lots of little lakes with club houses and swim teams (and web sites) which are there, ostensibly, to make these communities more attractive.

Looking at one website, I noticed they offer a periodic newsletter by email:

I might have to “suscribe” just to see what other wonderful errors I might find.



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2 responses to “Fun Word of the Day

  1. Kathryn

    Oh, sussurus is such a splendid word!

    I hesitate to urge you to susscribe, fearing to whoop the hunter on in pursuit of the innocent prey. . .but I’ll concede that the definition of “innocent” is up for grabs in that usage!

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