Ersatz vs. Erstwhile

If you want to stump someone while playing hangman, one of these two words ought to do it.

Ersatz. The unlikely combination of letters, the fun sound of this word and its definition make it a great addition to anyone’s vocabulary. Ersatz is an adjective meaning “being a usually artificial and inferior substitute or imitation”. “Ersatz eggs” would be a great way to describe powdered vs. real eggs.  (“Ersatz” may also be the sound you make while trying to spit out powdered eggs.)

Erstwhile, meanwhile, can be used as an adverb (meaning “formerly) or an adjective (meaning “former”). The erstwhile chef was unsuccessful at passing off powdered eggs to her clientele.

Have fun!



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5 responses to “Ersatz vs. Erstwhile

  1. Peter Paul van de Wijs

    So, between playing hang man and sipping chocolate Martini’s you have time write a blog that is worth reading. I am impressed.
    One for the collection: Chutzpah

    Greetings from Swutzerland

  2. Peter Paul van de Wijs

    Thanks heavens. LOL

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