Consistency folks, consistency

Last year, I decided to upgrade my understanding of social media by taking a course at Michigan State University. It was a class assignment that pushed me to start this blog, but it was the abundance of material that led me to continue it. Who knew that the course itself would prove such a great source of fodder.

According to my Webster’s, the words license and licence are interchangeable. I can live with that. What I cannot understand, however, is why you would want to use both spellings on the same web site banner. You can see in the upper left circle logo, they’ve chosen licence, while in the title (which is cut off — great design, by the way) and in the box to the right, they’ve chose to use license. Consistency is all I ask.

This reminds me of a blog post from about a year ago in which I noticed inconsistent street signs. I drive past this street multiple times a week and it still makes me laugh!

OH — and by the way — (that was for you, Lance and Martin),  does anyone out there remember what the course instructor told me when I asked him why there was no apostrophe in “Driver’s”? He said, “You can’t put punctuation in a URL.” In the world of crappy excuses, that one is a winner.



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2 responses to “Consistency folks, consistency

  1. Kathryn

    The NYS Thruway passes over a creek in southern Saratoga County. There are signs alerting drivers that they are passing over a waterway. Going in one direction the sign tells you you are passing over the Kayaderosseras Creek; going the other direction, it is the Kayadeross Creek. Guess it had an abrupt name change under the median. . .

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