A Bittersweet Anniversary


Today marks the one-year anniversary of this blog. It’s hard to imagine that the blog I started a year ago as an assignment for the New Media Driver’s License course at Michigan State University would live on. It made it to its first birthday, a real milestone in some cultures.

My WordPress “year in review” gave me a rating of “wow!” for my blog’s first year. Since I started, I’ve posted 173 times, and tweeted nearly 200 times. WordPress said my blog was viewed 3500 times in 2010, which is amazing to me. Thank you, readers, for each and every view and comment.

When I started this blog, I didn’t have a full-time job, but I had just started my own contracting business, and I was taking the course at MSU. Things have changed quite a bit since then, but I’ve always tried to stay true to my original intent for the blog.

Some days, it lived with gusto. Other days I felt it was on life support. There were many days I could have just stopped writing and abandoned the effort. But this blog became a part of me, a part that I loved and looked forward to. (Oh dear! I just started a sentence with a conjunction and ended it with a preposition! Double demerits to me.)

For the last couple of weeks, I have thought about what I should do with this endeavor. Should I pull the plug or resuscitate?

I have made a decision. But, before I give you all my answer, I would appreciate hearing from you. What do you think the future of this blog should be?



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2 responses to “A Bittersweet Anniversary

  1. Kathryn

    I selfishly hope you will continue–I enjoy your gentle but unabashed skewering of the errors you encounter. At the same time–I can see how it would get discouraging seeming to shout into a vacuum. I don’t always comment because I don’t always have a substantive thought to contribute, and a whole series of Attagirls strikes me as. . .dreary. Also, there’s the old “Now, let’s not always see the same hands.” And I know that doing the blog takes time and energy you could use for other projects or personal things. So–I’d like to see it keep on keepin’ on, but will not be astonished if your decision was to let it go. If the latter–I hope you’ll keep popping up at Grammar Geeks, so we don’t entirely lose touch!

    • One of the greatest thing about this blog is making new friends!

      I love your description: “gentle but unabashed skewering”. Would that be too long for a blog title?

      More to come…

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