What a Meatball!

One should wonder whether a person who doesn’t know his palate from a pallet could really create the “perfect Italian meatball.”

For future reference:




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4 responses to “What a Meatball!

  1. Kathryn

    Carnivorous pallets? *shudders*

    At least they didn’t spell it “palette,” although that would have worked a bit better with the final phrase. . .

  2. I am also left to wonder what they meant by “pleasing to the pallet as well as the eyes.” These are MEATBALLS. What about them, exactly, makes them lovely to look at? They are balls of meat.

  3. Can't hark my cry

    I assumed the recipe called for them to have bits of something colorful–pimento and green olives maybe–included in them, or that something got sprinkled over them. Or maybe they have rice in them to give them that hedgehog texture.

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