Rename This Brochure. Please.

When you were learning how to use a dictionary in primary school, do you remember your teacher telling you that a word should not be used to define itself? I’d like to draw on that bit of wisdom today. On this final day of January 2011, I am wishing for a bit more creativity when it comes to naming brochures.

Descriptive? Yes. Total lack of imagination? Also yes.



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4 responses to “Rename This Brochure. Please.

  1. Kathryn

    Um, that’s LAST year’s brochure, right?

  2. Can't hark my cry

    Oh, good. I thought you were being really, really subtle, and was feeling stupid for not getting it.

    Have to say I am not enthralled by the idea of two winters. One per year is plenty for me!

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