Stupidity, Not Sex, Sells

Is an ad effective if it just gets your attention, regardless of whether the ad is good or bad? (And of course, the question of “good” or “bad” is a matter of opinion.)

Let’s take these two recent TV commercials: one for Gain laundry detergent and one for Tropicana orange juice. Both have decided (Independently? Further research needed.) to make use of the word “gooder” instead of “better” to get your attention.

Gain Commercial

Tropicana Commercial

I ask you, my friends, what is this world coming to when stupidity threatens to unseat sex as an advertising strategy? I, for one, will not be buying either of these products any time soon. I’d like to ask the companies who invested in this “strategy” how that’s working out for them.

Don’t get me wrong — I like funny commercials as much as the next person. Give me three unusually talented frogs croaking out a brand name any day.



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4 responses to “Stupidity, Not Sex, Sells

  1. Rosemarie Rung

    OMG, I can’t believe they are using “gooder!” I completely agree that they are trying to appeal to a less intelligent audience. They better be successful as they will have to make up for the loss among people of higher intelligence.

  2. Ahlich

    Oh no! I cannot watch, yet I cannot look away! The frogs would not have croaked “gooder.” No self-respecting frog would say “gooder.”

    • Question to you: Does the fact that I posted these videos mean that the ad people have “won”? I’ve noticed them and I’ve reposted them. Isn’t that what they’re after? Am I just a pawn in their game?

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