Headlines That Make Me Giggle

What is more pathetic? The fact that this headline got printed this way, or that I cracked up when I saw it?

This is what happens when people in organizations get completely wrapped up in their own jargon. Whoever crafted this headline has been instructed that these little summaries of community info are to be called “in brief.” However, there was more than one in the story, so it became “in briefs”.  Without the “s” in “briefs”, it would have been just fine (and no guffaws from me).

The headline was, of course, intended to let readers know that a summary of outdoor activities (plural) followed it. It contained good information, like where you can go to get a cross-country skiing lesson, or where the ice is thick enough to go ice fishing (everywhere).

But please, if you go, make sure you go fully clothed (snicker, snort)!



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3 responses to “Headlines That Make Me Giggle

  1. Kathryn

    Well, there are all those crazies who go swimming in the frozen lakes during the winter. . .I mean, briefs aren’t totally out of the question (indeed, our local newspaper had a picture this week of someone running in a snowshoe race, wearing shorts and a short-sleeved tee shirt).

    • Yes, we who live within spitting distance of the 45th parallel think anything over 25 is a heat wave. Crazy indeed.

      How does one “run” in a snowshoe race? I think it must be akin to running in swim fins?

  2. Kathryn

    I wondered that very thing–but the pictures seemed to suggest they were actually running, and that was the verb used in the story. I can’t imagine even walking in snowshoes; on the other hand, if you run in them you probably work up a good sweat, so your body keeps itself nice and toasty. . .as long as the race lasts.

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