That Which Belongs To Them

We’re getting our house ready to sell. That means every weekend we make a minimum of 842  trips to our local home improvement center where, on every trip, we cover 4.3 miles on an unforgiving industrial floor. In the next three to four weeks, we must complete every “honey-do” project that honey didn’t do in the last 10 years. We replace the kitchen cabinet knobs, a basement ceiling tile, an outlet cover. Can these things really make or break a sale? The significance of the insignificant is overwhelming.

And from all these trips, a tiny reward emerges.

The word theirs is already possessive, meaning that which belongs to them. There is no need for the additional apostrophe, though you can easily see how one can become confused.

I am delighted, however, that they used the correct their.



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2 responses to “That Which Belongs To Them

  1. Sarah

    As always, thanks for caring about grammar and for your humour! I clicked to link one post and read them all. 🙂

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