A New Year’s “Riddle”

Happy New Year everyone! Here’s a New Year’s riddle for you…

What’s curly, comes in pairs and, more often than not, is completely unnecessary?

You guessed it — quotation marks!

If this sign leaves you feeling confused, you’re not alone. What are they trying to say? Does it smack of sarcasm to a native English speaker? What would a non-native English speaker make of all those marks?


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One response to “A New Year’s “Riddle”

  1. Kathryn

    Regrettably, all too many native and non-native speakers have become so inured to the misuse of quotation marks that it passes them right by. But, yes–it seems they have confidence neither in the employees who will serve the public when the facility is allegedly open, or the locks intended to keep the public out when the facility is putatively closed. Sad.

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