Charity Begins at Home

During the holidays, there are seemingly infinite opportunities to donate to worthy causes. If we were all Mark Zuckerberg, having several billion to hand out might make it easier. But I particularly applaud the efforts of local, small businesspeople who try to make the long, cold winter more comfortable for those in need.

If only our local paper would pay more attention to their headlines.

I, for one, could definitely use a “coast”, be it east or west, or some tropical location.

But seriously, a real need for warm coats lives on in our community. I took a few over that we have outgrown and I hope they are put to good use.



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2 responses to “Charity Begins at Home

  1. Kathryn

    I know you’ve been sick–hope you are recovering well. You are missed!

    • Thank you for the message. It’s nice to be missed.

      I’ve been down with pneumonia (my third bout in 5 years) and recovery took just a bit longer than usual. I’m considering a post for later today.

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