Monday Bonus: Don’t Read

It won’t take you long to see that the crap posted on is just that — CRAP. Not only is it not edited, nothing is fact-checked.

Just the first line will have you clicking away…



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4 responses to “Monday Bonus: Don’t Read

  1. Kathryn

    Oh, gee, I’d never heard of them before–so I couldn’t resist visiting And, having taken a look, I went looking for the “about” page to try to figure out what the heck they THINK they are doing. I found these gems:

    “allvoices is an open and highly relevant social media site “unedited by humans”, where anyone can report and add their voice from anywhere
    . . . .
    allvoices takes your reported news event, organizes it by location, time and category, and creates context by bringing together relevant news stories, blogs, images and videos. It creates a place for the community to share and discuss news, by contributing related text, video and images and commenting – adding a voice.
    . . . .
    A contribution is not edited and is posted as is as long as it is relevant to the news event. The relevance is checked by our algorithms and technology – not humans.
    . . . .
    Founded in April of 2007, allvoices was started by passionate people who believe that everyone has a story worth telling, sharing that story can be the first step in changing lives. allvoices redefines the voice of people through the global community for sharing current news events and issues from multiple points of view, providing an emotional connection to each other’s perspectives.
    At its core, allvoices is about democracy. About giving power to people. About their voices having the effect that makes a difference.”

    A scary observation on the nature of democracy, hein? I might add that if in fact they did what they claim in that second snippet the three separate breathless reports about the cartoon face campaign would have been grouped together. . .

    Goodness, gracious!

    • Yes, it’s frightening. I wish those “passionate people” would spend more time making their site something worth reading. Instead it’s just a load of garbage. I’ve already spent more time that I want to talking about it. I need a shower.

  2. Kathryn

    There is a fatal fascination exercised by the truly awful. . . (speaking of which, I just sent you an unrelated example).

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