Holiday Invitation Basics

Among other things, the holidays are a time when your calendar fills up with open house and party invitations. Here are a few things to avoid when composing your next invitation.

“Stop on out.”  I’m not sure I can write down the sound I made when I first read this. Whatever happened to a simple “please come”? The combination of these three words seems so unfriendly to me.

“Complimentary.” We’ve covered the problems with using this word incorrectly in a previous post, but it seems as though a salon should be able to offer services that apply to both words and their definitions.

“Parafin”. Basic spelling error. Lower case “p” and add another “f”. If you’ve never experienced the wonder of a paraffin dip, I highly recommend trying it, hands and feet. It seems counterintuitive, to immerse your hands and feet into hot wax, but there’s nothing quite like the warm, silky feeling you get when the paraffin comes off and all you have is wonderfully soft skin. (Happy glurgle.)

Now for the biggie: when you’re composing your holiday open house invitation, try to spell “holiday” correctly (side-facing type). Adding an extra “I” will not make it more festive!

(I know I didn’t circle it on the invitation, but I am thinking of taking my recliner over to the salon for a massage, too. It’s worked hard all year and deserves some TLC.)

On to the next party!



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3 responses to “Holiday Invitation Basics

  1. kathryn

    I am, I must confess, pretty weak on the details of beauty culture–I get my hair cut once a month , I brush and wash it as needed in between, and that’s about it. So I’m still gaping over “Super Nova flat iron.” Leaving aside that to me a flat iron is one of those heavy little cast iron objects they used to heat in the fire or on the stove (thank fortune for modern appliances!), the image of any kind of iron going super nova is, um, unnerving.

    But should there be that space in make- up?

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