Creative License

I have always fancied myself a creative type, but the kind of work I do puts me in the category of “rule-follower”. So, I am creative within the bounds of the rules.

Theater-types can be über-creative, but when it comes to spelling names, I have to draw the line. Washington has an “h”, and Anne Frank spelled her first name with an “e”. There, I feel better now.



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3 responses to “Creative License

  1. Kathryn

    There was once a counterfeiter of United States one dollar bills named Edward Mueller, who flourished as such in New York City between 1938 and 1948 (a really long time for a counterfeiter to escape detection). He printed the bills on a hand printing press in his apartment, and used them to pay his daily living expenses. I read a book many years ago that included a description of his crime, but I haven’t been able to confirm on the Web the most hilarious detail–and the reason I mention it here. His bills were so bad that he misspelled the name of our first president, as George Wasington. And it STILL took ten years to catch him! People just don’t pay much attention to small bills. . .

  2. Kathryn

    Actually, on reflection, I think he included the “h” in Washington, but reversed the “sh” combination: Wahsington.

    Still a really sad story.

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