More “thee” for Thee

Grocery shopping has become one of the tasks in life I detest. Yes, I write lists, but I’m always missing some crucial ingredient, which makes cooking that much more of a chore.

It’s great to read an article about the new technologies supermarkets are embracing to help shoppers like me get more out of the grocery shopping experience. I remember 20 years ago the first time I walked into a Wegman’s. It was nothing like any store I had ever been to.  They had computerized kiosks around the store to help you locate particular items. So cool!

But, of course, reading along in this article about new supermarket technologies, I stumbled across a typo in a quote. I believe they meant “these” and not “thee” but with yesterday’s post, I couldn’t resist the juxtaposition. (Fun Fact: juxtaposition is the last entry in the Js in my dictionary.)



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2 responses to “More “thee” for Thee

  1. Can't hark my cry

    Thee, thy, thine. I can even DECLINE that pronoun. Sad, really. But I just can’t work either “thy” or “thine” into a witty comment on that error. Pah! I say–what caitiff knaves, that cannot even commit an error to break wits upon!

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