Bus, Buses, Bus’s?

After my rant about limousines a couple of weeks ago, I thought I’d pull back the shot and show you the bigger picture (literally). It was the big red “Limo’s” that originally got my attention. (I wonder how much extra they paid for that big, red, unnecessary apostrophe?)

But as I slowed down and got a better look at this storefront I discovered so many “opportunities”, as they say in the corporate world.

By far, my favorite is the sign crammed in just above the door. They used every bit of available window space to advertise their offerings. On the big red sign, they got the plural, buses, correct (Webster’s says that busses is also acceptable). Then they switched to bus’s, where that extra apostrophe stabs at my eyes and makes them bleed.

Even more, I am delighted by the fact that they have dubbed themselves “transportation specialists” (just to the right of the door). I suppose “driver” or “chauffeur” just sounds too mundane these days.

“Oh, Biff, you DID hire a transportation specialist to take us to the homecoming dance, didn’t you? I do SO want to arrive in style.”

Gag me.



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2 responses to “Bus, Buses, Bus’s?

  1. Maybe “Party Bus’s” really should be “Party Buss” — Hugs available, too.

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