Great Advice You Never Got

Thank you to those of you who are so resourceful. You are finding great examples of bad English usage, snapping the photos, and sending them to me. You are helping to round out my growing collection. Keep up the great work!

I wish I could have seen this poster in context, because it looks like it contains some valuable advice.  You’re embarking on an outdoor adventure, and someone in a position of authority hands you this list. As you read it over, you begin to notice a trend. Does this location attract people who are normally featured on “America’s Funniest Home Videos”?

Number 7, it’s obvious to me, was the reason for the photo. Hiking in a bathing “suite” would be ill-advised, if not potentially frightening for the other hikers. Question: how many pieces comprise a bathing “suite”?

I particularly like number 5, since it’s good advice in general, but it leaves you to wonder what exactly the writer was thinking when he or she added it so near to the top of the list. Also, I wonder how this list would be interpreted by people for whom English is a second language?

Finally, I am left to wonder how #14 fits in this list (I agree, in general, that dieting is a bad idea), if the list stops there, or if it continues.

It’s a puzzlement.



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2 responses to “Great Advice You Never Got

  1. Kathryn

    Maybe bathing suites are related to bathing machines–but with multiple compartments?

    And I was puzzled by #14 as well, but wonder if the point is supposed to be that when hiking, you should not be trying to starve yourself simultaneously? It doesn’t look like a typo. . .

    Puzzlement is definitely le mot juste.

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