The Rise (or Demise) of the Limo(usine)

Back in the day, limousines were scarce. If you saw one, you wondered — could it be someone famous looking out at me from behind those tinted windows? Are they watching TV or sipping champagne? Moreover, what are they doing here?

Nowadays, you can rent a limo for any occasion, or no occasion at all. I was stunned when my 10-year old told me that one of the parents of her 5th grade class would be renting a limo for all the girls to ride in on the last day of school, and would I care to chip in? And where did that limo take them? To the mall of course. The same mall we pass several times a week in my non-limo.

I do agree with the “designated driver” use of the limo. If you’re going out and you know you’re going to be drinking, be smart and hire a driver. Just check out the list of occasions on this company’s business window:

Of course, the reason my head jerked around and I changed directions to get this shot was for the word “tailgaiting.” That’s precious.

Let me ask those who may know: if you’re tailgating in a limo, do you offer the driver a plate, or does he just hang out in the car? Because the party IS the car, right?  Last time I checked a Lincoln Town Car limo did not have a tailgate. I guess I’m just not that creative.

And if you’re at the Big Game, does the poor guy have to listen to the game on the radio? That’s kind of mean.


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