Handyman at Work

James Taylor’s “Handyman” is going through my head. He fixes broken hearts — you know he truly can. Long before the internet and the ability to search song lyrics, I thought the chorus to this song started with, “comma, comma, comma, comma, comm-ah.” I thought James was really into puncutation. Silly me.

I’d like to say that I fix broken sentences, but it doesn’t really go with the music.  Today’s example has an extraneous comma AND a missing apostrophe (in the restaurant name). They also forgot the “s” at the end of “Sport.” Oh, I need new business cards with editing tools as the icon, and advertising myself as the English handy — what? Handy”woman”? Handy”person”? Another blog post, another day.

“Here is the main thing I want to say. I’m busy twenty-fours hours a day…”



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4 responses to “Handyman at Work

  1. Kathryn McCary

    No, no, it’s just a placement issue–the apostrophe from E’s fell down a line–well, actually, two lines–where it just LOOKS like a comma.
    OK, yeah, it changed color on the way. . .

  2. Dan

    Maybe it was meant to be Big S Sport Grill.

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