Today on “Today”

Does anyone else out there think that morning news magazine shows should come with a warning label? They blank out exposed body parts and they warn you when you might see something disturbing or gruesome. But in the morning, over oatmeal and coffee, why do we need to be subjected to some co-ed’s sexual exploits? Why do I need to keep my finger on the remote, “just in case”?

At least I found something to laugh about, as NBC’s Today Show detailed the categories of this girl’s rating system. I wonder if she misspelled agressiveness or NBC did? I wonder if that is why it is in quotation marks?

Maybe she should have spent more time in English class. Oh right, this is Duke.



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2 responses to “Today on “Today”

  1. Laura

    I watched that episode on “Today” and missed that misspelling. That’s brutal.

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