Buy a Crappy Book…

Boredom and ready cash are dangerous companions. Take that boredom and ready cash into a vast chain bookstore, and let the mayhem begin.

I had an hour to kill before dinner, and the bookstore beckoned. Hot coffee. New books. Ahhh.

Walking into the store, I noticed a strategically placed “holiday” display with Halloween-related books. A gruesome cover caught my eye: Pride and Prejudice and Zombies. An image of demure Elizabeth Bennet with red eyes, and disintegrating flesh spattered with blood added to the effect. Perfect. “The New York Times Best Seller”, the cover proclaimed. I’ll bet.

I settled in with my nonfat white chocolate mocha. This was exactly the kind of mindless entertainment I needed.

Not too far into the “novel”, there it was, like a zombie rising from the earth. Was it an 18th century portmanteau?

“Oh. No…” said Jane. “Oh! It simply cannot be!”

I’m with Jane.



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2 responses to “Buy a Crappy Book…

  1. Kathryn

    Oh, lovely, lovely! Especially given that the author spelled deameanour WITHOUT the “u”–can’t claim an archaic spelling of stomach if you aren’t going to bother spelling for the correct country.

    I’ve been shaking my head in bewilderment over that book ever since I first saw references to it. What it sounds like is one of those ideas that were clever AS IDEAS, but are almost bound to be tedious in actual delivery. . .

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