The Lead From Hell

Bloggers, if you think leads aren’t important, think again.

Blogging can be considered a casual form of journalism but, casual or not, if you want readers, you have to spark their interest and draw them into your story.

I clicked on this blog post yesterday hoping to find some tips on how to get more people to comment on my blog. I could barely get past the first sentence. When I did, I ran smack into the second sentence which was, incredibly, worse. As a matter of fact, just out of morbid curiosity, I got through the first paragraph. It was littered with atrocities. Do you see that speech bubble graphic to the left of the post? That’s EXACTLY how I felt.

Hoping to glean some nuggets of insight, I slogged on. Once I arrived at the phrase without further adieu in the last sentence of the second paragraph, I bid this blog post a hasty adieu.



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4 responses to “The Lead From Hell

  1. Kathryn

    And the lesson is: Bad writing pays!

    Oh. That’s not good, huh?

    Ah, well, possibly he’s not nearly as successful a blogger as he claims to be. . .

    • Uh, yeah. I wish that I could have gotten my blog posted in such a high profile location.

      Another encouraging thought — maybe all the comments he gets tell him to check his spelling and grammar?

  2. found you via linkedin exchange … one of the few original blogs listed!
    Perhaps it’s a translation issue; just read a helpful blog about adsense — the writing atrocious but the information useful. I chock that example of horrible copy to English not the first language, or a translator program not up to par. Just my two cents!
    nice blog — i’ll be back.

    • Dear Kathryn, I agree completely — either a bad translation or just poor writing. What’s even more amazing is where I picked it up — the Ragan communications website! A pretty high profile website with a focus on communications…sigh.

      Thanks for visiting (and commenting)!


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