Definitely Defiant

Like so many women out there, I get exasperated when I try to come up with something interesting for dinner every night. Yes, I have my standbys, but I don’t want my family to tire of them because they won’t be standbys for long. Keeping dinner interesting and nutritious is definitely a challenge.

While shopping, I haven’t given these nicely organized spice combo packets a second glance, but today they caught my eye. McCormick has outdone themselves with Recipe Inspirations. They have created a neat blister pack of five or six spices and a detachable recipe card on the back, with a picture and easy-to-follow directions. I LOVE THIS IDEA. For less than $2 each, I grabbed three that seemed interesting and would appeal to my family’s tastes. 

Before I got to cooking, though, I did a little web research to see what others might be saying about this new product. Many people like it and, of those who do, many of those people are also articulate. I appreciated their descriptions and am now more anxious than ever to try this out.

Then, there was the “food blogger.” Her blog was like a train wreck; I couldn’t look away. Yes, there are duplicate words and yes, she has definite issues with punctuation (like not using it when she needs it). But when she used defiantly for definitely, that was the end for me. Not only was she destroying the description of what should have been a perfectly good meal, she was succeeding in turning the English language into scrambled eggs.

I am defiant that this blog will not become one of my standbys.


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