College Food

College food has gotten a lot better since I went to school *cough* years ago. The menu at my daughter’s school is varied and includes lots of healthy options. Of course, cheesy bread pizza is popular and I’m not surprised to see it highlighted.

I’m reasonably certain these new signs at a college cafeteria are created on a computer. I guess they just ignore that red squiggly line that indicates an unrecognized word.

That word after “meal”, if I could pronounce it, might be the sound you would make when your cheesy bread pizza doesn’t agree with you.



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9 responses to “College Food

  1. Tiffany Hamil

    Maybe it’s French??

  2. Kathryn

    You never know–maybe the computer RECOGNIZES “excahge.” Or at least “cahge,” which appears to be an actual name (a Google search indicates Facebook pages for people with that last name), and is in any event a recognized acronym for the “Campaign Against Human Genetic Engineering.” Which would seem to be relevant, in a somewhat unnerving manner, to a college meal service.

    Agreed, though, that on the whole the college/university food services in which I have ended up in recent years (rarely, I assure you, rarely) have much more varied and interesting food than in my far off college days.

  3. Kathryn

    I suspect that the “human” piece is key, from their point of view, although I’ll confess I haven’t visited their website (if any) or done any further research than a quick-and-dirty search on the term “cahge.” But unless they oppose ALL genetic engineering. . .perhaps they pronounce it “cog,” which would allow all kinds of delightful metaphoric constructs.

  4. Karen

    Sadly funny. I AM disappointed to see misspellings in a school where we hope our kids learn things like how to spell and correct errors.

  5. Kathryn

    The quintessential definition of win-win. So they won’t do it. Too bad! On the other hand–it is good to know that her days as a beater for this blog are not over. She’s good!

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