Consider the Mug

Yesterday’s post and today’s both center around misspelled words on coffee mugs. This started me thinking about mugs and why they are so popular.

In our home, like many others, we have a wide array of mugs. So many, in fact, that I’m about to put a bunch of them for sale at a dime apiece at my garage sale. If they don’t sell, off they go to Goodwill. We find ourselves overrun with coffee mugs. They are fun for awhile and then we get tired of them and move on.

I have a favorite mug. It is from a Starbucks outlet in Taiwan. On the same trip, I bought a similar mug at a Starbucks in Hong Kong, but it is much too big to drink from. My Taiwan Starbucks mug hasn’t faded and it feels good in my hand. I’ve used it now for about three years and I feel sad when it is time for coffee, yet it is still in the dishwasher.

The subject mug of today’s post has been relegated to this store counter as a pen holder.
The user obviously did not care for the logo on the mug, as this has been covered over unceremoniously with a much more important message: “Pleave leave pen.” This counter attendant has apparently been the victim of more than one pen theft. One can only imagine her state of mind as she was carefully composing this note.

“If I lose ONE MORE PEN…[incoherent grumble]…nothing to write with…inconsiderate customers…the NERVE. There. That’s a clear note. Problem solved.”


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