Our “Grat” Minor League Team

I know, I know. Don’t pick on the newspapers. They have a hard enough job without people like me finding and exploiting their errors.

Here’s a test: if our local newspaper was rated for errors in headlines the same way a baseball player is rated for his batting average, what would our newspaper’s average be?

Now math isn’t my strong suit but, for the most part, aside from some fat finger keyboarding errors, I’m a good speller. And, usually, my headlines and subject lines (in email) are correct. No, I don’t bat 1000, but I’ll wager I’m in the high 900s.

Here we have a case where our local minor league team, the Great Lakes Loons, has been playing for — what is it — three years? After a couple of rough seasons, this is the first time they’ve made it to the playoffs. One might even say it’s great! No, argues the newspaper: it’s grat.

The franchise held a naming contest for the team, and the two winners won season tickets. Both had selected “Great Lakes Loons” as the name for the team. When asked why the franchise selected that name above the hundreds of others that were submitted, the response came back that they wanted the first word people heard to always be “Great.” That’s a great idea — except when it’s grat.


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One response to “Our “Grat” Minor League Team

  1. Kathryn

    Well. . .one could argue that it is gratifying.

    But, no, I won’t. That really is too bad–hope it doesn’t dishearten the team unduly. They did GRAT! Um. Yeah. Um. GRATE! Well. . .anyway, mazel tov to them!

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