“Eeek! It’s a mouse! Or is it…Wait! Oh NO!”

The air is getting cooler here north of the Mason-Dixon line, and some unwanted visitors may make an appearance. I remember a Christmas morning about 15 years ago when our cat was playing with such an interloper when my toddler picked it up and said, “Look!” I did much more than look.

A friend, “K”, has mice in her office. Being a kind soul, she went out of her way to buy traps that are easy to use, and that make “disposal” easy. Little did she expect to find that these traps transform mice into RATS!  See item 4.

(I’m sure the person who translated this from Chinese into English saw the two words as interchangeable, or as synonyms with “rodent”. )

I’m not really sure what item 3 says…but no matter. Get yourself a couple of these traps and you won’t have to worry about touching the dead whatever. Or, get a cat. They’re snuggly and warm and don’t usually come with complicated instructions.



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3 responses to ““Eeek! It’s a mouse! Or is it…Wait! Oh NO!”

  1. Kathryn

    Snuggly and warm works out well. . .right up until the cat regurgitates half-digested mouse all over the bedclothes! Or, in the case of an office, the file you’ve been working on under deadline all afternoon. Cats are considerate, that way!

  2. Kathryn

    That’s one way of looking at it, certainly.

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