A Message from Stella “The Nose” D’Oro

Yeah. You’ve heard of ’em. Sammy “The Bull” Gravano. Stan “Itchy Fingers” Zambino. Yeah, I know all about itchy. Now it’s time to hear from me: Stella “The Nose” D’Oro. I sit. I scratch. I wait.

What am I waitin’ and itchin’ for, you might ask? Well, normally I wouldn’t even tell you. But hey, there’s evidence, see? A sticker from a store. Apparently you can get this stuff anyplace now. For cheap. It’s a sin, I tell you, a sin. But now I’m hooked and I gotta have my stuff. If I don’t, I get the shakes, and that ain’t pretty, sweetheart. By the way, what is that stuff coming out of my nose? Don’t you have Photoshop? Can I have a Kleenex please? Oh, I’m so embarrassed…



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2 responses to “A Message from Stella “The Nose” D’Oro

  1. Your daughter

    I can’t believe you’re forcing me to discover Stella’s addiction this way.
    Do I have to come home to help her through this?

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