High School Editorial

Somehow I think a Disney movie by this name would not be wildly popular. That’s a shame, and I’m sure I’m not the first one to think or say this — our entertainment venues are very skilled at distracting our kids, their parents and our educators. We should be focusing on getting the basics right — things like spelling, punctation and how to make correct change. When you’ve got a good grasp on that, you can feel free to worry about your popularity.


Thanks to A. for sending in this pathetic example of a lack of proofreading skills by our local educators. Funny, when I was in school, the only things I remember the school sending home were schedules and report cards. It seems a lot more comes home these days, and with so much freedom to write and publish, teachers and administration should take care — or they will get their publications back with red edit marks and a grade.


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One response to “High School Editorial

  1. Tiffany Hamil

    I think what you are telling me with this one is that it doesn’t get better from elementary school to high school. Very disappointing for a Monday morning!

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