Use Trademarks Correctly

Companies spend gobs of money registering their product names and ideas so that, as a consumer, you can tell the difference between “real” products and cleverly disguised impostors. There’s also the phenomenon that occurs when those trademarked names enter the vernacular as generic terms, such as Kleenex®, Frisbee®, Xerox®, and my personal favorite, Styrofoam™.

Well, today’s subject doesn’t lend itself to becoming a generic. I just found the juxtaposition rather amusing. I didn’t even have to move anything to get this photo. It was there waiting for me.

On the right, you’ll see a box with a label for a chair made by Boulder™ Creek. On the left, the store-made sign, where they are advertising the Bolder Creek® chair. Not only have they changed our noun Boulder to the adjective Bolder, they’ve swapped the ™ for the ® and put it in the wrong location. I’m sure it won’t affect their sales, but if I worked for that company and saw this set-up, I’d be annoyed.

By the way, if you haven’t tested these chairs yet, try sitting in one sometime! They are so delightfully comfortable (and they’re on sale!).

P.S. Don’t even think about getting me a fake Snuggie® for Christmas.


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