“Jaw-dropping ineptitude”

Thank you to frequent reader and fan “T”, who answered the call I posted last week and sent me a wonderful example of, in her words, “jaw-dropping ineptitude.”

I’ve been, shall we say, “off-site” for the past few days, so when she sent me a text to see if I’d seen the local paper, I had to admit that I hadn’t. Her text was so enticing though:  “It is a big fat bold headline error!”

This sent us scurrying to the nearest newspaper purveyor and we fought to be the first to find the mistake. We were not disappointed. Thanks “T”! You’re correct — we will never run out of material here..



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2 responses to ““Jaw-dropping ineptitude”

  1. Kathryn

    Um. Yes. Very bad typo. Embarrassing, what?

    All the same.

    I am willing to cut a lot of slack to the folks who produce daily papers. A significant percentage of what they produce is written, edited and printed within way less than 24 hours. And the folks who are doing the writing don’t have the luxury, in every case, of focussing on a single item that they can obsessively revise. . .they gotta write it, submit it, and go look for the next item. And, yeah, the journalist who writes the article does NOT write the headline; but even the headline writers are under a fair degree of deadline-stress.

    So, yeah, “in” for “inn” is embarrassing. I’ll bet they had e-mails up the wazoo, and multiple phone calls about it. And I’m not quarreling with the choice of subject here, because it is truly your beat, and any fifth grader should be able to avoid that error. Just. . .I’ve observed bloggers who make more egregious mistakes, and who are, to my mind, under much less significant time constraints. So, let’s all pause for a moment to think positive thoughts about the folks at your local rag who keep at it day-after-day, and mostly get it right. (I’m assuming the latter–because if they regularly pulled this kind of boner, you’d have mentioned?)

    • Yes, typos in newspaper copy are easy pickins. Our local paper is the butt of many jokes for precisely this reason. I don’t usually go after them because all I would do all day, every day, is newspaper typos. BOR-ING. But a headline? Yikes. And with a really well-known brand? Double yikes.

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