What D’ya Mean?

Speaking of back-to-school, I’m not sure what I will do when my über-observant daughter heads off to college in exactly one month. Who will nudge me and say, “Hey, did you see that sign?” I fear my blog will flounder — unless my observant readers start sending me their own photos and observations! You’ll get credit and it will be fun!

So, there we were in the local library, looking for a book from the reading list, and there was the nudge and the whisper. She took me back to see this sign and, we ask you — what does it mean? Does it mean that the books on the cart ARE checked out and are not available? Or, does it mean you MAY check them out if you wish? Or, is there a possible third meaning?



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2 responses to “What D’ya Mean?

  1. Trish

    My guess is that the sign means that the books may be apathetic. In fact, they may have altered their titles to reflect their “checked out” state of being. If you look closely you’ll see several classics such as “Catch Zz’s” by Joseph Heller; “The Camper in the Rye” by J.D. Salinger; “The Mediocre Gatsby” by F. Scott Fitzgerald; “Afraid of Heights” by Emily Bronte; and last, and the least appealing read, “Warts and Peaches” by Leo Tolstoy. 🙂

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