Back to school

It’s back-to-school time and, while the kids don’t want to admit it, they’re looking forward to it. They want to buy new clothes, see their friends (in their new clothes) and, more than anything, be away from me for seven hours out of the day. 

I can’t blame them. I’m the parent who shows up for parent night and proceeds to have a conversation with the English teacher about whether or not they want the kids to use the Oxford comma (the one that comes before “and” in a series). Hey, I want to know! When I check my kids’ homework I want to know if the teacher wants that extra comma in there or not. (I’m not a big fan of this comma.)

But — before all you teachers out there start getting crazy laminating your classroom rules for the year, take a look at this photo. Yes, I was in a classroom, and YES, I had my trusty camera phone with me. NO, I was not in my home school district. YES, there is an extraneous space between “every” and “thing.” I suppose if you wanted to argue this with me, you could say that the word “extra” could go between “every” and “thing”.  But “every” (space) “thing”? No.


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