Department of Redundancy Department

Humans, in general, are icky. We are messy, carry germs and, on top of it all, we have ‘tude. We all think the rules are there for other people — they couldn’t possibly apply to us!

But, there are good reasons for rules. Personally, I am a big fan of them. I like traffic lights and “No Smoking” signs. My appreciation for traffic rules increased exponentially having been to India once or twice.

Therefore, I can understand why a hotel would not want glass or food being brought in to the pool area. Pools are hard enough to keep clean without these variables being tossed in for good measure. However, I have a tough time understanding the difference between “food” and “snacks.” Last time I checked, all snacks were food, but not all food was considered a snack.



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2 responses to “Department of Redundancy Department

  1. Kathryn

    And to add to the confusion. . .can I bring in a drink if it isn’t in a glass container?

    Mind you, as someone part of whose job includes helping people write rules, I can tell you that it isn’t always easy to write something that is clear, concise, and comprehensive.

    • Well, I brought in coffee in a foam cup with a lid and didn’t get spoken to, so I think I was within the realm of rightness.

      Agree with you on the difficulty of the job! On the door, however, it just said “no glass or food.” Much clearer!

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