A, B, C, D…

As I think I’ve mentioned before, my younger daughter is a swimmer and she does pretty well. She qualified for Long Course State Championships, so of course we had to buy the shirt. One day I will make quilt with all these shirts.

There were more than 70 swim teams represented this weekend at the State Championships. I could only photograph one-third of the T-shirt back for the type to be big enough for you to appreciate the alphabetizing massacre that took place.

It looks like they did pretty well with the A’s, once they got to the B’s they gave up. Our team (Barracuda) ended up in the middle of the C’s. I was worried they had forgotten us, but there we were…in a sea of C’s.



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4 responses to “A, B, C, D…

  1. Kathryn

    It looks to me as if they alphabetized based on initials rather than the actual name–sort of like what most sites that want your mailing address do with zip codes. Now, WHY that seemed to make sense to the person who put it together is still an interesting question. . .

  2. kathryn

    Hm. Yeah, OK, I overlooked that one. And it is a puzzlement for sure.

  3. kathryn

    Actually, I have a speculation about what happened. . .I’ll bet whoever does the designing uses a database in which each team is assigned a designator of 3 or 4 letters–usually made up of the initial letters of the team–and you folks are in there as “cuda,” a time-honored short form for barracuda.

    Do the Delphinums actually spell it that way?

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