Tee Time

Like the Spanish siesta, English tea is one of those cultural pleasures where I believe Americans fall short. Tea is great.

Tea is a time to slow down, engage in conversation and have amazing snacks. In fact, the last time I had tea, “snacks” was an understatement. We started with melt-in-your-mouth scones, moved on to soup and salad, and all this before the artful tea sandwiches pictured here. Then there was dessert!  Are you supposed to roll out of a tea room?  (For identification purposes, the sandwiches on the plate are: salmon mousse at 2 and 10 o-clock; cucumber at noon and 5; and egg salad at 7. That’s a purple cream cheese flower on the top. Ummm.) Did I forget to mention the tea? I ordered chocolate mint, and it came in a brown teapot with a green lid. Is it not adorable that the pot matched the tea?

A week later and I’ve recovered from my tearoom-induced haze. I arrive at a favorite restaurant to see a small, familiar, three-letter word butchered. Jasmine tee? That wouldn’t even hold up the golf ball.


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