Veiled Hostility?

Sometimes I think these car wash people intentionally misspell words just to see if they’ll make my blog. This one “caught my eye,” so to speak.

The statement, “That’s one heck of a shiner,” usually meant that you and the kid down the street had a disagreement, settled it with fists, determined a winner, and then went home to get a frozen steak or a bag of frozen peas to keep down the swelling on your new black eye. Next thing you know, you had a new best friend.

As far as today’s car wash statement goes, I know what they’re trying to say: a beautiful, shiny car. Let’s fix our spelling of beautiful, for starters. But, instead of shiner, which for many of us has this jargon background, let’s keep it simple and say shiny car. Taken literally, maybe this is fair warning that the person taking our money intends to slug us through the open window!


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