Menu Madness Week: Apostrophes


It’s Menu Madness week here at Beyond the Edit Mark! As many of you know, it is my fervent wish that restaurant owners would spend as much time perfecting their written menu as they do their physical menu. Unfortunately, my examples this week come from one of my favorite local greasy spoons. If you’re hungering for a patty melt and onion rings, there’s no place better.  

To start the week, let’s get apostrophes out of the way.

Here we have one of those backlit handwritten menu boards with a couple of creative takes on the daily special.

First we have “Soup’s Today.” This is the less common variant of “Today’s Soups.” I’m glad they didn’t attempt soup du jour, but just the elimination of the apostrophe would have made this OK.

Moving on to the drink special of the day, we have “Pina Coloda’s”. Not only should this not have an apostrophe (or an “s”, for that matter), the correct spelling is “colada.”  Pina colada, literally, means “strained pineapple”. There are no current definitions of “coloda” out there, but I’m sure we can come up with something funny…

Check back tomorrow for more Menu Madness!


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