No More Teachers’ Dirty Looks

School’s out! I have been hanging onto this example for months. Since my daughter has completed elementary school and is now on to middle school, I think it’s time I put this one to rest.

A few months ago, an order form came home from my daughter’s school for clothing with the school’s logo — and a tagline.

I took one look at the form and decided there was no way I could buy apparel that was grammatically incorrect.

Just below the words “Adams School” is a tagline: “Everyday is a great day at Adams”.

Since the word “everyday” is a compound adjective, its use is incorrect here. There needs to be a space between “every” and “day” to have the meaning that was intended.

So, I sent an email to my daughter’s teacher. What I received in return was a huge surprise to me. Her teacher was in charge of this particular fundraiser and had not noticed the error. She did commit to correcting it and thanked me profusely for pointing it out. We did, of course, buy a sweatshirt when all was resolved.


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  1. Tiffany Hamil

    Love it! That one goes along with the two, too and to issue in my book.

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