Reubens Revisited

Today's specials.

Look, I like the Reuben sandwich. It’s a risk-taker. Who would have thought that all those flavors together would be so delicious? With that said, I’ll admit I’m partial to the “California” Reuben, which replaces the corned beef with turkey and the sauerkraut with coleslaw. YUM.

The misspelling of this word plagues me, as noted in an earlier post. Most people simply turn Reuben into “Rueben.” When I see it spelled correctly, I rejoice!

Since I know there are traditional Reubens and California-style Reubens, you may wonder, what exactly is in a “Ruben”? Is it even pronounced the same way? It might taste like a Reuben, it will come with fries and it sure is a bargain today! But you can never truly be sure unless you ask. And you know what they say — don’t ask if you don’t want to know.


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