Shipshewana on the Road

Ah, phonetics...

It was my first time to SOTR (that’s shorthand for Shipshewana on the Road for you newbies) and I had no idea what to expect.  If you’ve never been to a SOTR event, the best way I can describe it is like a giant flea market. If that doesn’t do it for you, watch this video.

I don’t see myself as the SOTR sort, but it was a quiet Sunday afternoon, and everyone likes kettlecorn and a bargain, right? But I had another reason for going — with camera phone in hand. I fully expected to find a wealth of grammar, spelling and punctuation gaffes.

I almost went home disappointed. We had covered the whole place and I still hadn’t surreptitiously snapped one photo. That’s when we passed the “doylee” stand. My wish had come true.
To be fair, I did look up “doylee” in my trusty Webster’s (using my standard spelling, “doily”) and it did tell me that “doyley” is an acceptable variant, but “doylee” was nowhere to be found. I found more than I bargained for at my first trip  to SOTR.


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4 responses to “Shipshewana on the Road

  1. kathryn mccary

    My, the woman in that video has a perky voice!

    I suppose it would be quibbling to point out to the drafter of that sign that a doily is generally a “small napkin or mat”; 5’8″ is not within my definition of “small” furniture-surface-coverings. . .

  2. Considering the drafter’s lack of interest in the correct spelling of the word, I suspect a similar lack of interest in the correct dimension of the item!! But hey, the furniture covering has holes in it, so doesn’t that count?

  3. kathryn mccary

    Ohhhhhh! A new way to market the ragged and worn out (It has holes in it. . .must be a doily!)

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