How often?

It’s a great coincidence that the same day I decide to focus on this sign, one of my favorite grammar blogs decided to publish helpful information about the word “bimonthly“. It also goes on to cover biweekly, semimonthly and a host of other words that have vague or multiple meanings. Adding to the confusion in this sign, however, is all the random capitalization, punctuation and extraneous letters. Not to mention: who starts sentences this way?

No need to see the complete content. Really.


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One response to “How often?

  1. kathryn mccary

    No, really, I’d like to feast on the glory of the entire work–gotta be one of those painfully joyful experiences!

    I mean, I need my once-yearley opportunity to read about “a candy”; and I am always in search of run-on sentences to feed my habit. . .

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