A Trio of Terrible Signs

It was a lovely day, so I headed to my favorite car wash, camera in hand.  We first encountered a missing apostrophe in “weeks” — They could have borrowed one from any number of my previous posts.

As we rode through we encountered another sign on the far side of the automatic blower. This one gives instructions to those hired to wipe up the drips. It was tough to get a clear shot while the car was moving. There are some real gems on this sign, but my favorite has got to be the second part of number 5, “Get Around License Plate Good”.

The marquis sign by the road topped off our trip. Looks like they had a couple of extra letters so they threw them up on the sign for good measure. Take away the “s” in “calls” and the “e” in “shiney” and life is good.


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One response to “A Trio of Terrible Signs

  1. kathryn mccary

    You know, if one had an indelicate turn of mind, one could have quite a hilarious time reading that second sign.

    Having a very pure mind, I wouldn’t get any of that humor–but I did love “These are only some of the requirements for this area.” It is always a good idea to tell people that there are other rules, so they can follow them. . .if they can figure out what they are!

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