Those pesky homophones

More menus to microedit

I must be eating out a lot lately because so many of my posts revolve around menus. I haven’t even posted from the same menu twice. I seriously need to rethink this troublesome habit, but it provides us with great entertainment.

The homophone rears its ugly head once again, this time in a way that is completely unexpected. Onions, cut, fried and served in this manner resemble a flower — which has individual petals. I would reasonably expect for someone to misspell this word as pedals, both a noun and a verb. I truly didn’t expect it to go all the way to peddles, a verb meaning “to travel about with wares to sell.”


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3 responses to “Those pesky homophones

  1. kathryn mccary

    Yeah, my first reaction to that entry would have been “Just what is it peddling, and why should I want to buy?”

    And you didn’t even comment on the lack of apostrophe to indicate the omission of the terminal g. . .OK, I know, you’ve given up on apostrophes (and who can blame you)!

  2. Trish

    This post reminds me of the time my daughter brought home a note from her first-grade teacher that listed items to bring to class for a baking project. The first item on the list was “1 cup of flower.” Although tempted, I fought the urge and did not send my daughter to school with a cup of rose petals!

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