TiVo: An Editor’s Dream (or Nightmare)

Don’t overlook the “minor” graphics when proofreading.

The great thing about TiVo (or DVR) is that you can rewind a TV show if you miss a key piece of dialogue or a really great play in the big game. One child can watch her favorite episodes of Hannah Montana over and over, while the other can find the occasional spelling error in commercials — while fast-forwarding through them. It’s hard enough to catch errors in static text; finding them at warp speed is true talent.

Even more talent is required to find errors in the “minor” or secondary graphics in the commercial. This one occupied the lower left corner of the commercial–easily overlooked by most people.
My  daughter then further delighted me by then pausing the offending commercial and snapping this photo, saving it for posterity.
My cup of pride runneth over.

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