Talk about corruption…

Time to stock up!

Fun avocado fact from the California Avocado Commission: The word “avocado” is a corruption of the Spanish word aguacate, which is in turn a corruption of the Aztec word ahuacatl.
At my local grocery store, they have further corrupted the word to “avacado.” It helps to know how to spell “avocado,” especially if you want to find fun facts!
And yes, I saw the extraneous apostrophe in both places — frankly the misuse of this punctation mark in the grocery store is so ubiquitous, it’s hardly worth the mention.
But, then I went to Jack’s. There, in the front of the store, was yet another display of avocados. Yes, the preferred plural of avocado is “avocados,” but according to my Webster’s, “-oes” is also allowed.

A better deal at Jack's!


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