It's time to dust off the red pen.

We have all been on the receiving end of silly emails, chain letters and other time-wasters that simply beg us to hit the delete button.

Then, there is “Pole!!!!!”

This email was like the adage about the train wreck — I just couldn’t look away.

Every time I looked, I found another error. I cringed when I realized the author declared 400 people worthy of receiving this message. I wonder how many forwarded it…

Send me your favorite “ugh”-worthy emails!



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2 responses to “Pole!!!!!

  1. Kathryn McCary

    I delete mass e-mails on sight, with the exception of those coming from a couple of close friends and family members (who are careful about what they forward)–but every so often someone posts one on a chat forum I participate in, and I get sucked in before I can help myself. My absolute deepest detestation is for the glurge–the heartwarming tales alleged to be true stories, which (even when they are based in fact) are NEVER accurate recountings of the facts. In which connection–Long Live Snopes!

    • Delightful word — glurge.
      Reminds me of another of my favorite words: “booboisie” — a segment of the general public regarded as consisting of boobs.
      Used in a sentence: “I would be delighted if the booboisie would stop forwarding stupid emails!”

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