Beware of Expensive Imitations

That's a hefty pricetag. I hope it's not a knockoff.

When I was younger and living on the East coast, my friends and I used to joke about going into New York City to get ourselves “Rolodex” watches. There were (and probably still are) watch vendors who would set up their tables on any spare bit of sidewalk and attempt to sell you unbelievably cheap “designer” watches. If you were willing to part with your $5 or $10, you’d enjoy it for an hour and then the crystal would fall out, or the band would snap. It never failed.
Fast forward to today, and I’m looking for photos for my daughter to cut out of magazines for a school project. I came across this photo of a Dooney & “Burke” bag. I have a few designer bags (no D&B’s myself) but I know that the “B” stands for “Bourke”, not “Burke.” I always wondered what the correct pronunciation of this second word is — now I think I have a better idea!

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