Signs of Economic Recovery

 Could it be a sign of an economic recovery?

If you can read this sign — while it’s sliding right — you’re hired.

I couldn’t be happier to see “help wanted” signs popping up around my town. If only the subject of today’s post had gone with this more traditional approach than the trickier “Now Hireing.”

The big black X over the “e” in “hireing” in, not just one, but TWO places on this sign, makes me want to wring my hands and laugh at the same time. The sign is in a clear sheet protector, see? Ostensibly, someone wanted to protect this important piece of communication. Quiz: do you think the big black X is on the paper? or on the plastic?
Update: nearly one week later, I returned to this store, and the sign was still there with the same black X‘s. No one had seen fit to make a new sign.


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4 responses to “Signs of Economic Recovery

  1. DL

    My bet is the X is on the plastic! Great blog Jean nine! 😉

  2. Amy Miller Armbruster

    Hope the cake decorator spells better than the hiring manager.

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